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One of the most successful projects of Igor Chapurin CHAPURINCASA, many times has become the main element of luxurious interiors. The line of designer furniture, parquet and light are produced using the latest, unique technologies. Only genuine, most valuable high quality breeds of wood are used in production. The collections earned recognition and now its items are proudly presented as a part of offices, boutiques, private houses and yacht interiors. Igor Chapurin designed the interiors of Arkadiy Novikov’s restaurant “Vesna” as well as CHAPURINBAR. He created the sublime atmosphere of his own restaurant using the latest lighting technologies, glass surfaces and unique photographs of Mikhail Harlamov. Another major project of his design is the inner interiors of the Velvet 83 yacht. In order to complete that task, designer used suede couches, chairs with genuine leather straps and sofas made from wenge tree.