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CHAPURIN cruiser skateboards

Igor Chapurin presents a series of transparent cruiser skateboards in collaboration with VIRGINBOARDS brand.

Cruisers made from highly durable polycarbonate will be released under the brand CHPRN for VIRGINBOARDS and CHAPURIN for VIRGINBOARDS. Designer embodied his ideas in a laconic graphic design and minimalistic color solution. The board deck print designs are made using yellow, grey and black colors and reflect CHAPURIN vision on city aesthetics and its transformation in fashion.

“I always wanted to create a project that is focused on specific subculture representatives, says the designer. – but I truly hope that our skateboards will go beyond skateboarding”

The designer cruiser skateboards will be available for purchase on official Instagram pages of the brands CHAPURIN and VIRGINBOARDS, as well as in the offline and online stores.

Board technical characteristics

Deck size: 57 х 16,5 cm
Deck material: Polycarbonate
Bearings: Abec 7
Wheel material: polyurethane
Wheel stiffness: 78А
Wheel diameter: 60mm
Truck width: 15cm
Weight: 2,2 kg



Brand CHAPURIN presents a new prêt-a-porter pre-collection of the spring-summer 2018 season. The source of inspiration for the designer Igor Chapurin was Asia - the booming economies of China, Korea, Taiwan and Japan. The designer uses his favorite method of style eclecticism, combining in one image the emphasized femininity and aesthetics of urbanism.

The collection consists of three key parts: summer coats of straight or deliberately loose cut, created from camouflage fabric of different colors; Suits, overalls and jackets of soft silhouettes, made of cotton, fine wool and jersey; As well as draped silk dresses, pleated skirts and tops, decorated with sequins.

Key colors of the collection: lemon, smoky pink, scarlet, black, shades of pink and gray. Basic materials: Peruvian cotton, jersey, Moroccan silk, jacquard fabrics.


CHAPURIN fall-winter 2017/18

Idea. Throughout the history of mankind, civilization got younger with barbarians, absorbed their habits, dumped old ideals with their help, destroyed old walls and built new cities. The barbarians, as a catalyst for global change, influenced the fundamental foundations of the culture and traditions of many nations, and their brutal force and wild freedom both horrified and delighted artists, sculptors, writers and musicians of different eras and countries. In his new collection, designer Igor Chapurin addresses the aesthetics of the barbaric era and inscribes its visual symbols into the paradigm of modern fashion.

Silhouette. The basis of the Barbarian collection is the A-shaped silhouette, which the designer visually stretches out and makes ductile. Igor Chapurin experiments with the volumes of blouses, jackets and sculptural dresses, adding complex draperies that create the effect of "harmonic chaos" to the softness of the lines. The collection also consists of transformable clothes, like complex overcoats that change shape with the help of detachable elements.

Material. The "Barbarians" collection is dominated by natural materials - crepes of different textures, cloth, and wool. The designer introduces wild llama and yak fur into the collection, as a direct allusion with the costumes of the Celts and Hun tribes. One of the key blocks in the new work of Igor Chapurin are dresses and overalls made of genuine leather.

Color. The basic color scale of the collection includes complex shades of ecru, graphite color, a palette of turquoise and muted pink, and also versions of black with matte gold and silver threads.

Hair: Aldo Coppola

Make-up: CLARINS

Music: Nicolas



The new pre-collection of the autumn-winter 17/18 season by the house of CHAPURIN was created in the aesthetics of minimalism. Brand’s designer Igor Chapurin focuses on natural silhouettes, eco-friendly materials and difficult color combinations.

The collection consists of three key blocks. In the first concise basic things are presented: extra-long cotton shirts, tops with prints, hoodies, cocktail dresses and comfortable relaxed trousers. The basis of the second - soft wool coats, crepe overalls, silk blouses and long, loose dresses. Finally, the third part of the collection - perfectly tailored evening dresses encrusted with sequins and voluminous coats of different textures trimmed with Lama Fur.

The main colors of the collection are black, graphite, white, gamma of red and bordeaux, shades of plum.


Igor Chapurin presents collaboration together with a Finnish brand Finn Flare – FINN FLARE BY CHAPURIN.

"Working with the FiNN FLARE team was a great pleasure for me. When designer has an access to the arsenal of the most advanced production technology on the world's best factories, access to high-quality fabrics, accessories, and a team of professionals - it allows you to bring to life some of the most incredible ideas. I must say that trust between partners played a very important role in this project. And this is where, FiNN FLARE proved themselves perfect, "- commented Igor Chapurin.

Symbiosis of comfort and style are embodied in a truly harmonious collection «FiNN FLARE BY CHAPURIN».

"Despite the relatively complex cut, original designs and silhouettes, a creative approach to the selection and combination of fabrics, we have created models in which our clients will feel appropriate and in foot with fashion in every situation. Igor has analyzed and very accurately understood the philosophy of the brand, and created a collection of clothes that will definitely give a sense of belonging to the world of truly high fashion, and you won’t have to sacrifice the comfort, convenience and quality ", - said Xenia Ryasova, President of FiNN FLARE.

Collaboration of Finn Flare and Igor Chapurin resulted in two unique seasonal collections. Summer collection is presented with feminine dresses, blouses and skirts, tops.   In autumn-winter the team presented a wide range of knitwear, trousers and jackets, and the main elements of seasonal clothing, in the creation of which FiNN FLARE is a recognized expert - items of outerwear.


On the 10th of NOVEMBER, DURING the CHAPURIN SS17 SHOW will be premiered a collaboration of the designer brand and the leading GRAFFITI ARTIST OF RUSSIA KONSTANTIN "ZMOGK" Danilov (Kostya ZMOGK). ZMOGK - one of the brightest REPRESENTATIVES OF the GRAFFITI MOVEMENT Who’S unique style is noted by the leading art magazines of the world. His art pieces adorn the walls of many cities of RUSSIA AND ABROAD. Graffiti (murals) of Konstantin Danilov can be found in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Amsterdam, Dubai, Berlin, New York. In collaboration with CHAPURIN, Konstantin Danilov will create a mural on the podium wall, contenting colors of the new collection of Igor Chapurin.

1.jpg 2.jpg



On November 10th, the creative space “B.E.R.E.G. DISTRICT” will hold a show of the CHAPURIN «MOONLIGHTING» 2017 spring-summer collection. Main source of inspiration for the designer was the era of 80’s and one from the cult TV shows of that period – “Moonlighting”- FIRST postmodern and simultaneously GLOSS series, that brought Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd into the world. SLIGHTLY grotesque atmosphere of the film, the story of which is set in Santa Monica beach, skyscrapers of downtown Los Angeles and Beverly Hills Place, has inspired Igor Chapurin to create the “moonlighting” collection.

In his new work DESIGNER of the BRAND transforms the canonical images of 80’s film stars Igor Chapurin emphasizes the waists and accents the bodices, but applies asymmetrical decorations to shoulders and "blurs" silhouettes with voluminous sleeves, drapes and fringes. Designer introduces elements of street style to the collection: pockets, over-size coats and soft-bomber jackets although, he traditionally prefers to chose natural materials: printed silk, Peruvian cotton, flax of different textures and the finest viscose. DELICATE SHADES OF TRADITIONAL SUMMER FLOWER colors prevail in the collection: YELLOW COLD and shimmering silver, rich SAND color, mint, slightly darkened WINE tones and contrasting deep black.

Exclusively for this show, the brand cooperates with one of the leading Russian street Artists Constantine ZMOGK Danilov, who created a graffiti piece on the catwalk inspired by the styles and colors of the collection.

The concepts of models make-up were developed by CLARINS professional team under the direction of Olga Komrakova and hair styles – by the masters of ALDO COPPOLA. The official car of the show was MERCEDES-BENZ.

Music: POLA
Aрт: Art: Konstantin ZMOGK Danilov



IDEA. A few years ago, being in Rome and working on the costumes for the ballet CINQUE by the ITALIAN CHOREOGRAPHER MAURO Bigonzetti, Igor Chapurin went to the historic hall of the National Libraries of Victor Emmanuel II. In search for books and albums devoted to the Renaissance, the designer came across a curious FOLIO - CHRONICLE of the Medici family, dated 1856. The COVER was decorated with ONE OF the most famous paintings in the history of mankind - "Birth of Venus" by Sandro Botticelli WRITTEN by the REQUEST of rulers of Florence - MEDICI. Tumultuous history of the legendary family whose representatives decided the fate of Europe, and supported the Renaissance’s "Titans" touched the DESIGNER so much that one of his first "ITALIAN" sketches He drew on that very same evening. That is how the yearlong work on the collection HAUTE COUTURE 2016 has begun, ALL THE SKETCHES FOR WHICH were CREATED by Igor Chapurin in the homeland of house of the Medici.

SILHOUETTE.In his new collection Igor Chapurin appeals to the stylistic traditions of the Renaissance: the hard architectural bodice combined with free skirts, the sleeves of jackets covered with embroidery and draping evening dresses come side by side with cascading cuts. The brand’s signature overalls are asymmetrically cut and deconstructed, classical Roman tunics are combined with cocktail dresses.

MATERIAL.Natural fabrics traditionally dominate in brand’s new collection – silk, crepe with multi-layer weave threads, georgette of different textures and fabrics with metallic inlaid. DESIGNER uses natural and dyed fur that include mink, beaver, raccoon and llamas.

COLOR.  A GAMMA of ecru, thick black and shades of cold pink dominate in chapurin Haute Couture 2016 collection . DESIGNER INTRODUCES The heraldic colors of the Medici - terracotta-red and gold.

HAIR: Aldo Coppola


CHAPURIN pre SS 2017

Idea. We love Moscow. Vivacious, noisy, occasionally mad and always different. But there are days when you want to quietly disappear from the airless city, hop on a train to the airport and buy a next flight ticket. The hastily packed suitcase contains passport, Alice Munro’s storybook, CLARINS beauty goods and your most favorite clothes that will make you feel comfortable in any city around the world: at a party in New York, during the shopping raid on Rodeo Drive or with a glass of rosé in Positano. The heroine of the new CHAPURIN collection has ran away from the bustle of Moscow and went on an adventurous journey. We are a bit jealous.

Silhouette. In his new work Igor Chapurin is confidently mixing street style and bohemian chic that has always been an inseparable element of the CHAPURIN brand. The GONE GIRL collection combines multilayer summer parkas and asymmetrical cut flowing floor length dresses, volumetric sexually-rough bombers and elegant cocktail dresses, which you can bravely wear to the first dinner with your boyfriend’s mom.

Material.Despite the stylistic eclecticism of GONE GIRL the designer is still faithful to his fundamental rule of choosing the highest quality of the collection textiles. Igor Chapurin uses silk with jacquard patterns, weightless georgette with signature prints of the CHAPURIN house, Peruvian cotton, denim and combined materials with an addition of spandex fiber.

Color. Sophisticated colors dominate in the GONE GIRL collection. Silver-blue, tones of warm pink and yellow, cream and ecru. Saturated shades of scarlet, bright-blue and emerald green colors remind of the summer mood.

Place: Depo Aeroexpress
Camera: Stas Alekseev
Hair: Aldo Coppola


Igor Chapurin became the costume designer for the project AMORE. Its premiere happened on the stage of Bolshoi theatre on the 24th of May in Russia. The program of AMORE delivered for the world ballet star Svetlana Zakharova, consists of three one-act ballets that the prima has never performed before. Designer created costume designs for two of the three ballets: “Francesca da Rimini” by the choreographer Yuri Possokhov and “Strokes through the tail” by Marguerite Donlon. For the “Francesca da Rimini” ballet designer created bright costumes that reflect the drama of the setting that is based on Franchescas and Paolos tragic love story. “Together with the choreographer we came to a conclusion that the medieval historical side of the ballet will only partly reflect on the costumes. – says Igor Chapurin. - My main goal was to come up with expressive and mostly modern silhouettes that could be read by the audience in a very modern way”. The leitmotif of the “Strokes through the tail” ballet was the theme of music and irony. Designer embodied choreographs ideas in volumetric squirts and tail-coats that are seen on male as well as female actors along the setting. “In this ballet I have used the degrade method of tissue coloring that I once used while designing costumes for the Bolshoi theatre. – says Igor Chapurin. – I was quite satisfied by the effect, it perfectly conveys the mood of the setting and it helps to reveal the movements of the dancers”. Participation in the project AMORE has become the tenth anniversary work of designer for Bolshoi theatre, where he has played the role of a costume designer and a stage designer in high-profile productions like “Class concert”, “Die Fledermaus”, “Creation” and others.



On April 19th CHAPURIN presented the brand’s latest collection of the 2016 fall. The deliberate confusion of chaotic street aesthetics and gentility of haute couture became the main idea of the Chicks&Crown collection. Designer once again masterfully plays with volumes, combining elegant tops with massive bombers, aerial silk with sculptural density crepe. The venue for the Chicks&Crown collection premiere was a gem of Russian architecture – The Petroff Palace, Built in the 18th century. An Imperial palace built by Catherine the Great as a resting stop to the Kremlin, with its neo-gothic noble interior perfectly emphasized the eclecticism of the collection. A professional team of Clarins make-up artists in line with hair styling masters of Aldo Coppola helped embody designer’s ideas on the catwalk. The official car of the show was Mercedes-Benz.


CHAPURIN pre collection fall-winter 16/17

IDEA. The CHAPURIN seasonal fall-winter 16/17 pre-collection reflects designer’s memories from the 90’s era. A mixture of styles, grunge and punk esthetics combined with minimalism and cult of a human body, which became a point of interest for many designers. Igor Chapurin in his usual delicate manner interprets trends of the last century in a modern vision. The SENSE 9.0 collection connects femininity and brutality, softness of lines and stiffness of textures, bohemian chic and sport couture. Working on his new creations designer experiments with textures of silk and tweed as well as oriental author prints, fills the collection with elements of modern urban cultures yet remains faithful to his love of elegant dresses that truly emphasize beauty of a female body.

MATERIAL. silk, sequins, tweed, cloth, cotton.

COLOR.  Main colors of the collection: black, beige, shades of blue and green.



IDEA. Arthur Liberty – a legendary figure in fashion and history of art nouveau. He was able to make the prim bohemia of Victorian England fall in love with kimono, flower prints, sari and bright color silks, once again opening their eyes on esthetics of Asia. Style of liberty is the synonym of modernity and that is exactly why has inspired Igor Chapurin to create the collection, in which designer unites western pragmatics with sensual charms of the East.

SILHOUETTE.Combination of graphical sharpness and soft natural lines – designer’s favorite device in the spring-summer collection of the brand. Precise, almost sculptural forms of double-breasted jackets, sharp silhouettes of flared trousers that remind of the 70s era, are demonstrated among airy dresses, that gently enveloped models as they walk through the runway. Designer deconstructs the traditions of Eastern costume, turning the obi belt – a classical detail of Japanese clothes into a modern waistband.

MATERIAL.Textiles of the “LIBERTY” collection reflect dualism of newest works of designer. Igor Chapurin uses classical western materials, which by its texture remind tweed, cloth and cotton and adds oriental textiles with golden gloss, translucent organza and cotton covered in sequins. He uses flower prints that remind the famous ornaments of Arthur Liberty, which were made by eastern and western artists.

COLOR.  The color spectrum of the “LIBERTY” collection lies within different shades of gold, grey, green, solid blue, contrasting with thick black and pastel tones of vanilla and lilac.


CHAPURIN fall winter 2015/16

IDEA. To the question “What has inspired you to create the collection?” Igor Chapurin has given hundreds of answers. It depends on the season of collection, appealing to literature or paintings, objects of architecture, music or history. But, no matter what the topic was about, the main driver for designer’s creations was never unaltered – people. That was exactly why he dedicated his new collection named “YOUNGSTERS” to infinitely talented, beautiful, courageous people of the modern city, who have saved a fuse of youth and ability to enjoy life. This collection is about you!

SILHOUETTE.Working on the new collection, designer continues his experiments of mixing styles by connecting the esthetics of 70’s and modern fashion based on deconstruction. There are feminine, fitted dresses of midi length, straight laconic coats and blouses of soft lines and, as a contrast, volumetric bombers and graphically précised overalls.

MATERIAL.The main principal of the collection is the mixture of textiles of different textures. Designer united smooth wool and leather, crystals and fringe, sequins and quilted leather. Natural materials like silk, cotton, cloth are processed in a unique, innovative way which gives them a futuristic gloss or on the other hand, a vintage sounding.

COLOR.  Main color spectrum of the “YOUNGSTERS” is quite laconic. It is disclosed in beige, grey, silver and vinous colors.


CHAPURIN pre collection autumn winter 2015/16

IDEA. The global idea of the CHAPURIN seasonal prêt-a-porter pre-collection is impersonation and duality. Designer reveals it on an example of two heroines, one of which is a romantic grace and a refinement of aristocracy. And the other – represents a sense of purpose and firmness of a modern woman. At the same time, this division is artistically conditional, as the whole collection is connected with a single stylistic trait, the esthetics of 70’s.

SILHOUETTE. Though soft lines prevail in clothes of the collection; they manage to set off the figure because of carefully adjusted proportions. The two general vectors of the collection are clear: On the one hand Igor Chapurin underlines the femininity of images with soft squirts, maxi length evening dresses, loose pants and noble drapery. On another, he adds sporty silhouettes to jackets and pants, street style elements to the designs of the overalls.

MATERIAL. Duality is also traced in choice of the materials designer used in the DUO collection. Traditionally, Igor Chapurin works with natural textiles – crepes of different thickness, georgette, lace. At the same time he adds technological materials to the collection, jacquard textiles with metallic details is an example of one of them. Designer creates some of the pieces using abstract geometrical prints and textiles covered with tiny sequins.

COLOR.  Main color spectrum of the DUO collection – shades of black, beige, cold red, lilac and a line of colors with a weaving of gray yarn: gray-emerald, gray-blue and gray-turquoise.

CHAPURIN haute couture 2015

On the 3rd of December, CHAPURIN presented the 15th Haute Couture collection which was an anniversary collection of the house. The graceful interiors of the Metropol hotel in Moscow weren’t chosen by chance, as the first Haute Couture show “TO RUSSIA WITH LOVE” of the brand was held here. The collection named “15” connected perennial haute couture traditions and contemporary feeling of higher fashion. The designer opened the show with 15 looks, which were stylistically connected to some of the brightest pieces in his past collections. His recognizable architectural cut, perfect line precision and mixture of different clothing styles uncovers the creative method of Igor Chapurin: intellectualism in style driven to the maximum level. Designer demonstrated his couturier craftsmanship in the pallet of black and red colors. “My collection is dedicated to the continuity and future of Haute Couture” – says Igor Chapurin - “It isn’t just the result of the long period in history of the brand, but an embodiment of new esthetics in modern fashion” The anniversary show was closed by a model wearing a unique diadem made by the “Smolensk Diamonds” masters. The show was supported by CLARINS professional make-up team and TONY&GUY hairstyling master-hands.